Tech Guru Uncovers
Private '6G' Network?

Jeff Brown made a name for himself by spotting huge tech breakthroughs.

As an executive, he helped guide Qualcomm and NXP Semiconductors into the era of modern microchips.

And as an angel investor, he’s been on the cusp of technologies like self-driving cars, gene therapy, cybersecurity – even cryptos.

In 2016, he told an exclusive room of people that a small processor company called NVIDIA would be the best tech stock of the year. He was right. Nvidia became the top-performing tech stock of that year, eventually soaring 1,048%.

In 2018, he said the same thing about another microchip company —AMD. And again, he was right. AMD ended up as the top stock performer of 2018.

And last year, he recommended AMD again. Sure enough, the stock more than doubled in 2019, outperforming everything else on the stock market.

But he’s never done anything like this.

In this video, Jeff gives away the ticker symbol of the tech company he calls, “the most important in the world.”

According to Jeff, this could be the beginning of “6G”

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