These Three Famous Billionaires are Betting Big

On This New $30 Trillion Trend


There’s a new trend on Wall Street that’s grabbing the attention of high-profile billionaires.

In what looks like a mad rush, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk are investing billions in a new trend CNBC called “a $30 trillion market just getting started.”

For example, Buffett has already invested $15 billion in it. And he’s not done.

He said he’s ready to invest $15 billion more.

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And it’s not just billionaires.

2,608 money managers already signed an internationally-recognized document to confirm that they’re planning to invest in this new megatrend.

These people collectively manage $80 trillion in assets.

That’s why Wouter S., chief investment strategist at Northern Trust Asset Management, said: “There is a wall of money” coming into this megatrend.

According to Bank of America, this trend could reach $50 trillion over the next two decades.

In other words, they’re expecting $20 trillion more to flow into this trend. Which is why they called it a “tsunami of assets.”

Former tech executive Jeff Brown also believes this could be the biggest trend of the decade.

“There’s a lot of money at stake here. I mean, this is a huge trend that will affect everything.

It’s bigger than 5G, AI, blockchain, or any other tech trend you might have heard of,” he says.

Many people consider Jeff Brown America’s #1 tech investing expert. He’s even been asked to consult with members of Congress and members of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency.

And now, in this brand-new interview, he’s revealing all the details of this exciting new trend.

According to Jeff, this is an urgent situation. He says: “It’s a mad rush right now. Those who don’t get in will be left out of what could be the biggest investing trend of the decade.”

With all the savvy investors jumping in, research firm MRP called this trend “a mania” and said the stocks in this area “will experience exponential growth from here.”

The good news is Jeff Brown is revealing all the details in this interview, including names and tickers of several stocks that are benefiting from this trend.

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