America’s “Gold Standard” Is Making A Comeback

If you’re a fan of gold… and wish America brought back the “gold standard”… this will be the most exciting piece of news you’ve read in years.

Several high-ranking officials and U.S. businessmen just met in private (over three days) to discuss a new “gold standard”…

Backed by 21st Century technology.

What’s even more incredible:

There’s already a prototype in place… …and it’s been tested in 142 U.S. cities ! (Not by governments… yet… but by private enterprise.)

The Governor of Texas has already switched part of his savings to this new “prototype” currency. And California’s Lieutenant Governor has placed up to $116,800 into it.

This is going to be revolutionary. and for those who position themselves correctly–before the rest of America’s cities make the switch–I blieve several new fortunes will be made.


Nick Rokke
Analyst, The Palm Beach Daily